Supporting a child with a disability?

Sameview is an online platform that provides one place to connect and share information between therapists, educators, support workers, and your family.

Now everyone can be on the same page, and working together.

Why sameview?

Every parent has goals and aspirations for their children.

For a child with a disability, it is the same, but achieving these same goals will require the support of a team of doctors, therapists, educators, support workers, family and friends.

All of these people need to work from the same information, and for families coordinating the support team is a stressful full-time job.

Sameview is used by families and providers as an easy way to bring everyone on the same page.

Hear from families

“I love that all of our therapists can can see what my child’s goals, and progress are - all in one spot” - Laura (parent)

“It’s all in one place and is very easy to use, and it has the ability to link it all together” - Sonia (parent)

“Sameview is going to make a huge positive difference to the lives of families living with disability and their providers” - Luke (Disability Sector Professional)

Here are some goals that families are using sameview to achieve right now:

Our family

Hi, we’re Danny and Jess and we have three wonderful kids, including our youngest Monty who was born with a rare neurological condition.

We found it really hard to keep track of everything from Monty’s appointments, and sharing information between his therapists, doctors, school, and even ourselves.

We kept asking - why is this so hard? Why can’t everyone just work together? And what about all the other families out there?

This is what inspired us to create sameview, a solution for care coordination for all families. We want every family to feel capable, confident, and ambitious when caring for their child.

How it works

Step 1: Sign up

Simply sign up here:

Sameview is a web based app - and works on all devices via your browser.

Sameview offers over the phone setup and support to make getting in control of your care even easier.

Step 2: Tell your story - once.

Sameview takes away the pain of having to tell the same story to every new person in your life.

Information about your family, from the person you care for, to school, home, work, or anything important is organised in a meaningful way.

You get to tell your story your way - once, and have it ready for any new team member. We make it easy for you to keep this updated and ready anytime for NDIS plan reviews.

Step 3: Set your goals

In sameview you set your goals, and the steps you will take to reach them. While you may have NDIS goals, you can also set goals for anything else important to your family.

Sameview helps families to achieve their goals, and by adding them into the platform your whole team will have a common view of what you are working towards.

Step 4: Invite your team

Invite each member of your team to join. Your team includes anyone helping your family to achieve your goals. This can include therapists, teachers, support workers, providers, family, or friends.

Sameview is secure, and you have complete control over who has access.

Step 5: Start your journey to being in control of your care.

Enjoy having everyone on the same page, and working together.

Sameview makes it easy for you to share outcomes from appointments, therapy, ideas, moments, and achievements towards your goals. When sharing you can include photos, videos, pdfs, and more.

Working towards your goals will never feel like homework. We make it easy and enjoyable to share progress through real-life moments with your whole team. Watch your team build on what you’ve shared to help you reach your goals.


Applies to the new version of sameview - to be released 4 July 2019


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Our team

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