Caring for a child with a disability?

Now you can get everyone on the same page.

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Sameview provides a single place to share information about your child, and work towards your goals.

Sameview is for families, allied health professionals, educators, and support providers

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Our story

Our mission is to make disability care coordination easier, and better.

Coordinating care for a person with a disability is a shared journey of responsibility and rewards. To reach a personal milestone however small is something to be celebrated. Success is the partner of challenge and is only achieved through incredible effort and sacrifice from families

We innovate so your family can flourish.

Sameview streamlines care coordination; giving families the confidence to build their own team, set their own goals, and walk their own path.

Because care coordination is a constant evolution.


sameview is for:


Easily share information everyone in your team - no need to keep telling the same story. 

Build collaborative teams that work together towards your goals.

A fun and empowering way to track and share a common picture of your world.


Get a full picture of the family's world (home, school, community), easily and quickly. 

Collaborate with other great providers and build networks to deliver better outcomes.

Prove the effectiveness of your support, and the difference you make to people's lives.


National Carers Week

Sameview is created by carers - for carers. Each day during carers week, we’ll be sharing a little bit about how sameview supports carers and providers through our platform, and also importantly why these features are important to our community.

Day 1 - Sharing important information about your loved ones.

Day 2 - Connecting your team together in sameview.

Day 3 - Setting and sharing meaningful goals and steps.

Day 4 - Sharing experiences and progress in an engaging and rewarding way.

Day 5 - Looking back and reviewing progress.

Day 6 - Helping providers to deliver coordinated care

Day 7 - Families and providers that can benefit from sameview.


Our team

Sameview is supported by these incredible value aligned organisations:


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