SourceKids Expo Melbourne

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If you care for yourself or someone in your family with a disability, how do you coordinate care? *
If you provide services or support to people with a disability and their families, do you communicate with the other members of their team (eg. other therapists, support workers, educators, family members). *
For Melbourne SourceKids attendees, sameview is going to run two (separate) 8 week online communities where: - families can work together to organise and get in control of their care coordination. - providers can work together to solve the challenges professionals are facing in providing quality family centred care in the NDIS ecosystem. Would you like us to reserve a spot for you to be a part of this? *
Notes: - Discussions will all be held online via weekly live group broadcasts - most likely in the early evening to suit people’s availability. - There is no cost associated with these communities. - There is no pressure or obligation to participate, our aim is to build a friendly, supportive and welcoming environment. - While we will discuss the sameview platform, we promise that there will be no selling or marketing of other products and services.