Our app has been designed to complement your existing process for care. From helping you to remember what you need to discuss at appointments, to tracking outcomes, and tying all of this into your goals, our app will be there with you every step of the way.

There are benefits for providers too, the app will allow you to improve the quality of care you provide by maximising the effectiveness of your actions through coordination.

We are now conducting a trial of the sameview app with a selected number of families. If you would like to participate please register here.




No need to stress about the list of things you must discuss at the appointment. Want to remember an exercise - easy! Just take a video and add it to the app.


Never manually give the same important message multiple times again. Every person involved in providing support get a common view and can communicate with each other.


All of your outcomes from your appointments are attached to the relevant goal. Add the right people from your team to each goal so they get a common family centred view of care.


On hand access to all of the people you support and more importantly, what you are helping them to achieve. Easily collaboration to work effectively as a team.