Our family

Like so many great things out there, sameview was created during a challenging period. In our family of five, our youngest son Monty lives with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, unilateral hearing Loss, and low muscle tone. 

In the earlier days, when we were still trying to understand what the issues were, life was hard and at times it felt like we didn't know what we were trying to achieve while trying to juggle therapists, doctors, surgeries, and maintaining a good family life.

Over time our confidence and ability grew. We had help from our support networks, other families, and as we learned more, the solution to the issues we lived with became clear. And after meeting with many families who struggled with the same challenges, we knew the need and urgency was there.


Danny Hui (Founder)



Prior to founding sameview Danny developed a successful career within the utilities industry. His experience in developing the emergency management capabilities and processes used today by Australia's leading power distribution provider has resulted in the transfer of fundamental techniques and value to sameview's solution.

Danny also has extensive experience within Work, Health and Safety, mission critical control systems, and 24/7 operational areas in roles that have covered both strategic development and operational management. 

The skill set and capabilities developed over time have also given Danny the opportunity to transpose those same skills as a consultant to different environments and industries.